Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not Buying What She's Selling

1) If Barack Obama is a sexist, then I am Mary Tyler Moore. Seriously, either Geraldine Ferraro has finally fallen completely off her rocker, or she’s taking a page from the George W. Bush playbook--Spin Rule #2,334: If you say it, it is so.

Only one candidate cut her teeth smearing and harassing other women in order to protect her philandering husband’s campaign and presidency and, uh, her name is not Barack Obama. Possession of a vagina and a degree from a women’s college do not innoculate one from being sexist or misogynist. I know of what I speak.

2) All this talk of Hilary winning the working-class whites is sort of irrelevant. Many, many working-class whites are union members. Many, many union members vote, and when they do, they vote in blocks. They all vote for a pre-approved candidate. In Iowa, John Edwards had early union support, now Hilary Clinton does. I’m willing to bet that if Clinton concedes and Obama spends some time with the union reps, those same votes that went to Hilary in West Virginia and Kentucky will go to Obama in the national. Racism is, in this case, a red herring. It’s all about throwing the unions some bones, which is part of every political campaign and will certainly be part of Obama’s once Hilary steps out.

Only one candidate cut his teeth organizing and speaking for working-class people and, uh, his name is not Hilary Clinton.


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