Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hating on Hil

I was trying to view this race as fair and square. I have been voting with my political mind, not my vagina or my heart. But Jesus Christ, if you ever had any question that misogyny was alive and well in today's "liberal media" (oh how I laugh and laugh and laugh myself silly at THAT particular misnomer), you need look no farther than TearGate. Hilary gets a little emotional frog in the throat talking about how important she thinks this race is for her country and all of a sudden it's a pile-on. The media has disrespected Hilary throughout this race and it's disrespected female voters by assuming we can't think for ourselves.

Why don't you, "liberal media," go back to ignoring the war and murdering Britney Spears, inch by inch, like the despicable bullies you are?

Yeah the press may be hysterical, but at least the voters aren't. Congrats to Hilary from an Obama supporter. This has just started to get interesting.

UPDATE: I've been reading the ladyblogs all day and there seems to be a rising tide of pro-Hilary sentiment that mirrors my own vague feelings, especially from women who had not previously identified her as their candidate. Rebecca Traister, Kate Harding, I feel you. I've been wondering lately, if perhaps the political war for my soul is not yet won. Have I been undermining my own interests as a woman by not supporting Hilary? Or have I, as I've contended (and thought I believed) been protecting the nomination from a woman who is ultimately unelectable because she's so polarizing (I think this might be another way of saying "because she's a woman")? A cynical yet practical maneuver? On the third hand, do I really want another Clinton in office?

These are things I'll be thinking about from now until Super Tuesday. Will update as my womanly waffling continues.


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