Monday, March 17, 2008


Och, I'm falling in love every day--it must be spring! I wore knee-high socks to work today with a knee-length skirt and felt positively immodest. It really is kind of shocking when flesh starts showing up again in public. In March, I start the season like an Amish wife ("Please cover your ankles dear, there are children present.") and then by August, when it's 100 dripping degrees in the shade, I'm wondering how little clothing can I wear outside of my home before I am technically breaking the law. In any case, that more or less brings us to the subject of this post: horniness (and its dissemination through provacative black and white photographs of attractive men).

Here is my new crush, Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls.

He is tall, sinewy, dark and gorgeous. Plays a mean drum. Looks v. hott in lipstick or clutching stuffed duckies.

Mmm...versatile. He joins my list of Boston crushes which also includes the writer Steve Almond

and the publisher/zombie, Janaka Stucky.



It just so happens that my third crush knows the other two. Maybe he will introduce me someday, when we're all at the coolest party ever thrown in Boston, and a wild, tall-man orgy + Screwsan will ensue. Maybe he will just eat my brains.

In a word: Yum.


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