Friday, January 29, 2010

I Should Always Be Reading Right Now

Oh blog! Here's what's been going on: reading reading reading writing papers reading grading grading grading reading (writing) reading grading drinking.

There. You're caught up. I'm here because I was all riled up and commenting on a stranger's blog and was signed in anyway so. Hello!

I realized last year that I don't have a hobby or anything I really enjoy doing because going back to grad school has meant making my hobby my career. Which is great! But a bit one dimensional, especially here where people who are amazing writers are also amazing musicians and pie-bakers and craftsmen of various species. I think hobbies are, like, the expression of your ultimate entrepreneurial fantasy. Rock star! (that counts, right?) Bakery owner! Furniture maker! Accessories designer! Microbrewer! etc.

What I'm saying is: I got a bass for Christmas and I need to learn how to use it.

Other news: one semester left of coursework. Have assembled my illustrious committee for my reading year which will begin sometime this summer. Also on the to do list this summer: finish my short story collection and begin to shop it. It's almost there--or anyway, some iteration is almost there. It's a mess right now. I'm trying to figure out how thematically linked the pieces need to be. But that's structure stuff. That will be fun. Have an essay coming out in the Iowa Review this year which, because I am a small, small person, makes me feel better about never getting in to the Writer's Workshop. There are many other reasons to feel good about that, but every townie who's been rejected from that place feels at least a drop of bitterness about it. Also news: got a fellowship to work with the innovative publisher FC2 next (academic) year. Excited! Mom and Jim's new house, fyi, is gorgeous. Right off the Res off of Dubuque St. and most importantly off the flood plain. Thinking of roadtripping home this summer for some R&R&Writing.  

Dogs, rabbits, boyfriend: soft and fed and happy. Life: suspiciously lovely.