Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Heart of Hypocrisy and Adorable Babies

While the government is making is more and more difficult for women, especially poor women, to get abortions, it’s also making sure that those unwanted babies never have a chance. In the last three weeks, George “Baby Eater” Bush
vetoed a bill
that would give universal healthcare to children and Congress struck down a bill that would help children of illegal immigrants eventually become American citizens. WTF? What about the sentiment “no child left behind”? I thought our country was supposedly in the grips of kidmania, but I guess it’s only the rich, white, Burberry-wearing kids that count. You guys! Haven’t you seen little Chinese babies? They are totally the cutest!! Anyway, the House is voting again on the thing today. Keep your chubby toddler fingers crossed.

In further hypocrisy news, America is urging Iraq (via Iraq’s Kurdish President) to put down the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) uprising in northern Iraq to make Turkey happy. Do you remember several years ago (feels like a lifetime) when we were supposedly getting into the Gulf War to protect the besieged Kurdish people? I think that may have even been the entire argument behind Christopher Hitchens’ call to arms (which he does not recant in this month’s Vanity Fair, but sorta kinda almost apologizes for after one of his believers dies in Iraq. Good work, Hitch.).

Let me just say right now that I would bet $20 that this current snafu with the PKK rebels attacking and killing Turks and Iranians is going to somehow get twisted around by our government’s spin doctors and eventually lead to a war with Iran. Even though that doesn’t make any sense. Hey, we could even switch back to supporting the Kurds again and vilify Iran for killing them once in awhile. Also: fuck Turkey, one of our last allies in the Middle East. Gulf (and World!) War III: Revenge of the Kurds. Dick Cheney, you can have that one for free, baby.

Speaking of babies, meet Henry, spawn of Laura and Jeremy. Henry totally wants to take on Jack in a cute-baby smackdown.



They’re both so ridiculously adorable. I just can’t decide. That sunflower outfit is hard to argue with. But Henry’s perfectly round, bald head is just delicious.

Any other week this would be a clear tie, but today I think this round goes to Henry. He’s living through his first fire season in San Diego, which gives him my sympathy vote. Hey, I never claimed to be fair and balanced.


Anonymous JacktheMack said...


Just read your post regarding my cuteness. You've helped me make MY decision...I'll be reading this, now:

Peace out,

(Just try and stop me!)

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