Tuesday, March 07, 2006

#1 Pet Peeve

The Unofficial Public Offering has done a great public service by explaining the correct and proper way to use the word "literally" in conversation.

Do yourself a favor and read Tim's latest post ("You make me laugh, Dwight Schrute.") so that you may avoid total public humiliation and a practical demonstration of the difference between "literal" and "figurative" visited by me, upon your ass, as in the following sentence: "I literally want to stab you with a ballpoint pen, or perhaps the sharpest key on my key ring, as we stand here, casually conversing."


Blogger Tim said...

Thanks for the props, Susan. Since I frequently add content to my blog, the post of which you speak is no longer the latest.

However, you can still check out my easy-to-use guide on the word "literal" by pasting this URL in your browser:


If you can't figure out how to navigate there, you're probably the kind of person that misuses the word "literal" all the time. If you're also reading this blog, you probably know Susan, so you'll be getting stabbed by her soon, which makes my guide pretty much irrelevant. Literally.

Enjoy the stabbing,

11:10 AM  

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