Monday, February 27, 2006

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Hip to my general attraction to nerds, my friends ushered me into the odd, colorful, and occasionally acne-scarred world of comics conventions this weekend by way of the New York Comic-Con, a trade and industry show for publishers, artists, toy makers and sullen goth teens.

We arrived at the Javits center around 1pm on Sunday and managed to get hooked up with passes from friends who had a booth inside, which meant skipping the $25 door fee AND the really long line of disgruntled fan-boys who stood shivering in the brutal cold.

With a little more finagling we managed to get onto the convention floor, at which point my brain began to seize. It took a few minutes of squinting against the rows of neon manga, poseable action figures and rollicking digital displays to get rid of my vertigo, but after a few trips around the floor, I think we managed to see everything. It was a pretty spectacular display with flashy colors and yards of painted banners covered in muscular superheros and giant-eyed child-women, just for starters.

All in all, the writers and artists were really nice and chatty, while the fans and comic book traders tended, tragically but predictably, towards Comic Book Guy. At the opposite end of the spectrum were the models. And by models I mean porn stars. The heroines wore teeny little costumes and were at the con to sign the erotic artwork for which they posed, usually as a sideline to their acting careers. Hey, everyone's gotta go legit sometime, even if it means being eye-licked by a bunch of sweaty men who live in their mothers' basements. The cooch can't last forever.

The best part was meeting new, emerging artists, like Steve Uy and seeing Christian Montalvo's work for the first time. Matt and Jon Roscetti were selling their new issue of Reflux, a comic anthology, which features a collaborative piece by Will Grant and Dave Christian; West High enthusiasts take note.

End result: I have enough new comix to last me a few weeks and perhaps catapult me into hitherto unexplored realms of geekdom. New interests are healthy, and a good way to meet people! Now if you'll excuse me, I must defend my BU deck with a harbinger, then finish off my sengir vampire opponent with a dark banishing.

Good day to you.


Anonymous hilary said...

oh god to my secret shame i read manga. just the fluffy, girly stuff. diehard fans probably don't even acknowledge its existence. all manga heroines look like those steve madden ads featuring bobblehead models.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

you know how these days nerdy has become cool, so we now we have the nerd delineations between cool-nerd and nerd-nerd, which is still unacceptable? well, this still falls squarely on the nerd-nerd side of that fence. As a cool-nerd, I should know. Now excuse me while I go listen to Weezer, start a software company, buy some thick-rimmed glasses and hang out with my hot older girlfriend.

2:51 PM  

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